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Dentist holding a mouthguard in his handBruxism is a condition where you grind your teeth while sleeping at night. This can lead you to have health issues like headaches and a painful jaw. However, you can still grind the teeth while awake. This is called awake bruxism.

When you have bruxism you clench, grind, and even gnash your teeth. When you experience this kind of oral issue, you need to see the dentist immediately to get a recommendation for a nightguard that is right for you. Our dental team at Desertview Dental Care is ready to teach you the importance of having a nightguard if you clench your teeth while asleep.


A nightguard is a retainer made of plastic and can either be soft or hard. The guard is worn on either the top or bottom part of the teeth and it covers the biting or chewing surfaces. The dentist ensures that the mouthguard is custom-made for each patient and has different patterns for the teeth. The mouthguard is made to fit well on the teeth and give you a comfortable feeling. The mouthguard is also made in a way that makes it less bulky and you will have a good night's sleep with the mouthguard.

Prevention of Plaque Developing

A sports mouthguard is not the same as a nightguard which is made to prevent grinding of the teeth and clenching. You cannot wear a sports mouthguard at night as this can cause more harm than preventing grinding. The mouthguard can trap the bacteria on the surface of the gums while sleeping because saliva does not get to the gums. Having saliva neutralizes acids that bring about dental cavities and also helps in washing away the food particles that are left in the mouth after eating.

Consult the dentist when you want to wear a nightguard so that the dentist can make a custom-fit nightguard for you, one that fits the needs of the teeth. The nightguard will have holes that give access to saliva accessing the teeth. Depending on the condition of the teeth the dentist will choose one that is right for you.

Prevent Bite Changing

The night mouthguard is specifically made to fit the mouth and bite and prevent you from grinding on the surface of the teeth. When you have a sports mouthguard instead of the nightguard you might chew on it at night. At night softer material on the teeth will cause you to chew since the brain interprets this as food. That is why you need the nightguard that is specially made to be chewed on at night. This will therefore not shift your bite in any way.

Our dentists at Desertview Dental Care will make special nightguards for you if you have a problem with biting on the teeth, and we will also guide you on why you must wear a night guard at night if you have bruxism. Book an appointment by calling us at 623-278-9402 to make special nightguards for you.

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