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How Long Is The Recovery Process For Implants
Peoria, AZ

Image of a woman smiling at dental professional and asking questions about the dental implant recovery process, at Desertview Dental Care in Peoria, AZ. Dental implant restoration is one of the best procedures for missing teeth replacement. However, the procedure is not simple. While the dental implant placement procedure can take several hours, recovery can take far longer. Therefore, it is essential to know all the details about the procedure before deciding whether you want dental implants. Here at Desertview Dental Care, we have several dental experts who are adept with dental implant restoration and have the experience necessary.

The Recovery Process for Dental Implants

There is no set period for how long the recovery process will last, as it depends on several factors. Each patient and each dental implant placement is different. Therefore, each person will experience a different recovery period. The type of surgical procedure and dental implant materials can affect how long your recovery is. The procedure can take several hours, but the recovery can vary from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the type of procedure.

Simple Dental Implant Restoration

A single dental implant is a much simpler procedure than most. The dental implant restoration can be done quickly, and the patient experiences minimal discomfort. However, the recovery time can depend on their jawbone. If they do not require a bone graft, they will only experience some swelling and bruising, which will heal after a few days.

A Moderate Dental Implant Placement

Moderate procedures that involve grafting or multiple dental implants can be more difficult. This is because the gums will have to heal around multiple dental implant materials in several places. Patients may experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort as the gums heal. Generally, it can take around 10 days for patients to heal. However, you must still avoid hard foods until you are completely healed.

A Complex Procedure

Some patients have more severe damage and require a longer recovery time. These patients usually do not have the appropriate bone density, have poor oral hygiene, and require multiple dental implants. The recovery period generally takes several weeks and requires appropriate care. Patients should avoid smoking and drinking and focus on eating nutritious food. Moreover, they will have to follow a carefully planned oral health regimen. Patients are also commonly required to stay in bed for the first day after surgery, as too much movement could result in bleeding.

How to Speed the Recovery Period

Generally, dental implants can take up to six months to fully integrate into the jawbone. However, the recovery period after surgery is much shorter and can be sped up if you take the correct measures.

This involves taking care of your oral hygiene and eating nutritious food. Moreover, it would be best to avoid actions that could stress the dental implant, such as eating hard food and using straws. While you are healing, only intake fluid or soft food. Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking, as they could prolong the healing process.

Get a Dental Implant Restoration Consultation

Here at Desertview Dental Care, we have dental experts including Dr. Kabbani and our dental team that can perform a painless and professional dental implant placement procedure. Moreover, our experts can help you learn more about the recovery period and what you must be careful of.

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