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Dental Implant
Peoria, AZ

Mature couple smiling with arms holding each other at Desertview Dental Care in Peoria, AZWhen you have missing teeth, you will be at increased risk of developing severe dental complications.

For instance, you will experience loss of jawbone tissue since the area of the jawbone that held your tooth in place will no longer get stimulated. The alveolar bone will therefore start to deteriorate and will eventually go away. Also, if there are adjacent teeth to the gap left by the missing tooth, they can start shifting towards the gap. This weakens your dental structure.

At Desertview Dental Care we can offer effective treatment solutions that can improve your dental health and prevent the occurrence of the dental problems associated with missing teeth. Dental implants are a trusted solution that replaces missing teeth and ensures that you can enjoy a bright smile. You do not need to continue suffering when we have effective dental solutions that are guaranteed to offer effective treatment.

Understanding Dental Implants

These are metal screws that are implanted in the gap left by a missing tooth. The metal screw acts as the root of your natural tooth. Dental implants are excellent options because they avoid the loss of bone tissue, and also offer solid structural support for the adjacent teeth.
After getting the metal screw, our dental specialists will place a dental crown that covers the dental implant. In this way, you will have a dental treatment solution that resembles your natural teeth. Dental implants act and feel like natural teeth, and there is no risk of them falling out while talking or eating.

No Pain Procedure

Dental implant surgery is one procedure you should consider having if you have lost teeth and you want to keep smiling. This is a safe method that is not painful at all. The surgical process is performed under local anesthesia, so it is not painful. When the anesthesia wears off, the post-surgery discomfort varies in each case. The discomfort that one experiences are similar to having a tooth extraction. To help reduce swelling you can use an ice-cold compress on the skin over the surgery area after surgery. The dentist will offer over-the-counter medication to relieve pain unless the surgery was more invasive.

No Complications with Dental Surgery

With any surgery, there are potential risks that can come about. Having dental implant surgery poses potential risks too. The success rate of implant surgery is high because the dentist does it with great care to ensure that the implants will function well as they are supposed to.

In recovering from having a dental implant ensure that you do routine home maintenance to avoid developing peri-implantitis which means there is inflammation of the gum and bone surrounding the implants.

Our dental team at Desertview Dental Care will ensure that you receive the dental implants to give you the smile that you have always wanted. Book an appointment by calling us at 623-278-9402 so that we will determine whether you are a candidate for dental implants.

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Our team at Desertview Dental Care will ensure that you receive the dental implants that give you the smile you have always wanted. Call today to schedule an appointment!
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