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Dental Exam
Peoria, AZ

Woman talking to dentist during dental exam, at Desertview Dental Care in Peoria, AZ. Dental exams are important and they help you in understanding your oral health. An exam will let the dentist know about any oral problem that might be attacking you before it becomes severe. An oral exam keeps you away from trouble in the future, so make sure that you go to the dentist for regular dental exams.

Our dental team at Desertview Dental Care will be happy to perform your oral exam and detect any oral issue before it develops into a more severe one. We will also teach you why you should never miss a dental exam.

Removal of Plaque and Tartar

When you floss and brush daily you remove the plaque that may be on the teeth, but you still need dental cleanings every six months. When you come in for a dental examination, the dentist ensures that they remove plaque that may have been deposited in between the teeth. When plaque has hardened it forms tartar which is much more difficult to remove by just brushing. This is why when you come in for a dental examination the dentist will clean the teeth by removing the tartar.

A dental exam will enable any oral issue that can come up after the accumulation of plaque and tartar to be eliminated. Ensure that you make routine dental checkups for oral examinations to keep you safe.

Gum Disease Prevention

If you do not clean the teeth by brushing and flossing, then you are keeping the teeth at risk of getting gum disease like gingivitis. If you leave gingivitis untreated this will develop into a more severe type of gum disease.

The dentist can treat gingivitis but if it develops further, then this is not easy to treat, and the dentist will only be able to reduce the damaging effects. The dentist can only help you by root planing and scaling but cannot treat the gum disease. By doing regular dental exams the dental practitioner will be in a position to detect gingivitis and treat it before it advances.

General Oral Health

Getting regular dental exams will help the dentist detect other health issues that might be developing. The dentist can detect diabetes or even heart disease in its early forms. If you have perfect oral health, then this plays a huge role in general oral health. If you have diabetes, then you are likely to suffer from cavities or even periodontal disease; this occurs because of high blood sugar. The dentist will do oral exams and can even detect oral cancer in its early stages. Exams are vital in helping you stay healthy, free from other health issues before they become more advanced. Cavities will be detected early, and root canal therapy can be performed to help you save your teeth. If cavities are detected late this can lead to tooth loss, tooth decay, and eventually can lead to gum disease.

At Desertview Dental Care we recommend that cavities be treated as soon as possible. This will help you in saving more with more complex dental procedures in the future. Contact us today at 623-278-9402 to schedule an appointment and find out how dental care is affordable for you!

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Our team at Desertview Dental Care will be happy to perform your dental exam and detect any oral issue before it develops into a more severe one. Call us today!
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