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Dental Bridge
Dentist Peoria, AZ

Rendering of jaw with dental bridge in Peoria, AZ.Many people have not heard about dental bridges, and if they have, they do not fully comprehend what they entail. At Desertview Dental Care, we offer dental bridge treatments to improve your dental health. Dental bridges are an effective treatment option for patients with one or more missing teeth.

It is always recommended that you replace missing teeth, as failure could contribute to the worsening of your dental condition. A dental bridge strengthens the adjacent teeth so that they do not shift towards the gap left by the missing tooth.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a structure consisting of one or more artificial teeth. The dental bridge is usually anchored in place using crowns on both sides of the gap in your mouth. Dental bridges close the gap and will resemble your natural teeth both in appearance and functionality. You will be able to produce a beautiful smile with no observable gaps.

Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

When you have a gap in your mouth left by an extracted or missing tooth, you can experience deterioration of your dental health. For instance, you can lose your gum tissue, as have a weakening of your jawbone. Adjacent teeth can also grow or shift towards the gap, therefore, weakening them. Replacing missing teeth with a treatment such as a dental bridge prevents this from happening.

Uses of Dental Bridges

When you have a dental bridge, it makes you feel much more comfortable and you will be confident in showing your smile. A dental bridge will also assist you to chew well, and you will be confident when chewing and biting on foods. Losing one or more teeth can affect the way that you bite, and this can cause pain and difficulty in eating. When you replace the lost teeth, these complications will be eliminated.

You will need to have a dental bridge if you have a decayed tooth, and it falls out, or the dentist uses a tooth extraction to remove it. When you have had an accident or an injury the tooth might get damaged beyond repair, and this might mean that you need to have a dental bridge. When you have had an infection that has to go beyond having root canal therapy or having fillings then you can opt to have a dental bridge.

Customized Care

Dental bridges will bring back the aesthetic value of the teeth and you will soon be smiling once again. After you have lost teeth due to various factors then you can have a reason to smile again with your new dental bridge. Our dental team at Desertview Dental Care will advise that you get a dental bridge to restore that beautiful facial structure and smile that you have always wanted. Book an appointment with us at 623-278-9402.

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At Desertview Dental Care, we offer dental bridge treatments to improve your dental health. Click here to learn more!
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